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This is a small website, additional to Loving Life With Light. This site is used as a place to post all of my Esoteric Reports and findings. Considering they are not proven and is considered a project of my own. I figured I wouldn’t clutter up my business site, and instead allow reports to be public in this way. Please refer to that site for services, information, blog posts, more resources, astrology and much more information.

Every morning I make it a top priority to check Space Weather, Solar Status, and Earth Changes that are occurring including the Schumman, EarthQuakes, and weather, storms, and other reports. 

What I have learned from Cosmology, Astrology, Geology and Biology is that we are all connected and that is because we share this planet who is most definitely alive by every standard process we understand and call science. 

I make it my business then, to check upon the health of the Planet, our Sun, and Planets to attempt to understand and share what I know about the effects we are living within, under the conditions in which are above our control. 

Every morning I am able, I will draft a post with the following information: 

  • Astrology Chart (sidereal) 
  • Schumann Resonance
  • Solar Status including recent KP Index, Solar Flares, and Cosmic Rays, as much as I am able
  • Daily science videos (from Observers, and relevant Earth Watchman channels) 
  • Galactic Time Signature

New, out of the ordinary, large, catastrophic, phenomena, changes, or effects will be evaluated for negative effects and reasoning. If it is gods will to assist in clearing that energy, I will do so. If it is god’s will to share such reports, I will do so. 

I am unable to give our modern science or scientists the credit they deserve for such amazing discovery, knowledge, and use as much of what is known is not revealed to us. Especially at the time that discoveries are made, they are dismissed if they don’t fit existing models. However, we are living in a time where the Information War has uplifted the collective with scientists and watchers who have now, their own means of providing information to the public, just as the channels listed below. The pressure from those with money, investments, and control over the scientific community is in denial, or are afraid of what the collective of peoples would say if they know the truth of the conditions of our planet. Let alone giving any power at all to what the spiritual community has always known. 

What I have found is that much of the reason that Fake News is Fake, even for such updates such as Weather. Is in major part because…

Those who are providing such updates are not informed, not educated, and severely out of touch with the modern world. I learn nothing by watching the local news or weatherman. However, I learn something new and feel much more secure watching and being aware of real weather, real cosmic effects, and real solar impacts to our planet and thus, our lives every single day. (In many ways, I can say the same about our Doctors.)

I cannot give sway to complete trust in science for this reason. However it would be unwise to dismiss it all together, as the efforts to find truth are surfacing from the generation of Scorpio Plutos, are rising in age and power to inform the people of what we have been discovering all our lives. That we live in a dark world, controlled by few. That the more light that shines through, the more resistance to truth we find. After our lifetime of deception, but empowered technology to connect with others. We are the first generation that grew up Together. And this is what we have come here to do to uplift this world out of the darkness. You cannot lie to someone who has already discovered their truth. And thus, it is our job now to inform the masses of the condition of our planet. Big shocker her, is that we (the collective) have very little to do with the negative effects and the blame on the generations and industries are false claims. The truth is within how we have lived, how we have treated each other, and how we have allowed the control and manipulation. If we were to stop, and live in compassion then the response would be much more powerful than it has been harmful. 

I have been in arguments with loved ones over this many times. We have been taught that it is our fault, that this planet is dying. However, the effects that we are seeing in our lives and our planet, are foretold by ancients. How is that? Did they know we would fail? Or where they more aware of the Cycle of Life in ways we have forgotten to teach?

The bad news is that this is so. The good news is, that there is hope for the world and that this is not the end for us or the planet.

However, the times coming are going to be challenging. We are going to have to come closer together in efforts of information, education, farming, growth, and investment. Investment commonly means money, however the investment truly is of time and effort. Are you answering the call to invest in truth? If you weren’t before now, consider yourself receiving that call to action now. 



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